The birth of my children

Having  to go through the life trial of infertility and then loss of my twin boys at 20 weeks of pregnancy helped me to develop compassion and empathy for all of those couples struggling to make their dream of having a baby a reality.

But, I was blessed later on with not one, but four! pregnancies and natural births and beautiful, healthy babies. Each of my babies were born in a different states, with a different birth attendant.  Each one was born in a different room of the house too ( I had one hospital birth and three home births) and in a different birth position! Despite the differences, every birth  had two things in common: 1) they were un-medicated,  and 2) me and my babies fell in love the first time that we looked in each other eyes. I call that an amazing birth!

I prepared more or less for each of the births but it was not until I became pregnant with my fourth baby that I took a holistic approach and I prepared physically, mentally and emotionally for her birth. It made a huge difference! There was no fear, no doubt, baby and I were in-sync and worked as a team, and I am sure all this helped me to experience no pain.

I am convinced that knowledge of what to expect and how the partner can help his loved one to cope with the discomforts of birth, are  huge factors in the way a lot of moms experience birth.  I am honored to help couples in their journey have a natural birth and share with them my experience and knowledge.

Daniela Lee

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